Safety Tester Calibrator

AC/DC Hipot Tester Calibrator

Main features...

* Compliant with "JJG795-2004 Withstanding Voltage Tester Calibration Regulations"

* Built-in timer, maximum hold current, ground bond / floating ground switch for simulating hipot testers * Security design, high voltage input terminal on rear panel, high insulation resistance protection

1< 320x240 blue LCD screen, menu type operation, simple and convenient

1< Computer control software for calibration system, convenient to store data and print certificate

AC/DC Resistance Box

Monirot the accurate performance of your AC/DC hipot tester with this precisiob resistance box. Five spot high power check points for daily or periodical confimation.

Ground Bond Resistance Tester Calibrator

Main features...

* In compliance with JJG984-2004 Ground Bond ResistanceTester Calibration Regulation, with unique timing test design, current stability calculation and external load access functions, able to calibrate ground bond tester by method of quadripole or resistance

* Adopting digital designing technique, wide in measuremen ange and high in accuracy; AC current of 2.000A~60.00A, esistance voltage signal output is O~12V, test accuracy is ±O.5%

* Portable designing, menu type operation, coordinated with 320x240 blue LCD display, simple and convenient in application.

Electrical Safety Comprehensive Calibrator

Main features...

* AN965-15(F) Full Automatic Calibration Device for Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester, specially designed for calibration of electrical safety tests: Ground Bond, Insulation Resistance, Breakdown Current and Leakage Current. is an expert device which can fully satisfy customers' daily calibration requirements. With auto-switch internal load and two gears for every test item to satisfy different requirements, this device is particularly convenient for electrical safety comprehensive tester.

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