Motor/Stator Testers

Single/3 phase Motor & Stator Tester

Products Feature...

* One station inspection: Combine ACWIIRIIW/DCT/Rotation/ReverselUPWR in one tester, finish the whole test items

* Precision and reliable: Adopt DSP technology, 14 bits/16 bits high accuracy AD convertor, perfect consistency, repeatability and stability

* High speed high efficiency: Take 32 bit CPU as the controller of the whole process, satisfy high production speed line



* Extension function: Provide 8 channels configuration to 2 station mode, 16 channels configuration to single station mode

* Simple operation: 10Ainch color LCD screen, Windows system, function key operation, simple software operation

* USB data: Load test programe, import test data by USB flash disk

* Serial communication: Standard RS232/RS485. Combine with Ainuo 97 series power supply to provide input power

* Easy maintenance: Hardware is module designed, check each function module after starting.

Stator Tester

Main features...

* Wingding reverse: Check if the stators winding is reversed

* Multi-Channel: Provide 8 channels configuration to 2 station mode, 16 channels configuration to single station mode * Large ACW capacity: Standard is 3kV/20mA r but can be up to 5Kv/100mA

* Large IW capacity: IW is improved to O.1uF storage capatitor, strongger identification * Modify ACW mode: Case Hight voltage, wire high voltage and phase to phase mode

Motor Tester

Main features...

* Lock rotor without load: Test lock current and power through non-mechanized V groove, circle bridge, metal board, self-priming return teminals

* Apatitor voltage/value at the same time

* Safety test:Static and dynamic leakage current test

Single/3 phase Motor Tester

Main features...

* Lock rotor without load: Adopt low voltage start to test lock current, power, power input adjustment automatic, sample

operation, precision test

* Sensitive roation: Adopt contactless test method, sample operation

* Correction: 3 phase current and power correction, 3 phase resistance and current balance calculation * 1/3 phase: single and 3 phase test mode

* Large ACW capacity: Up to 5kw, 100Ma

* Large energy IW: Upto 0.1 uF capactitor

* Multi.high voltage output: Case high voltage output, return wires high voltage output, P-P output are optional

Impulse Winding Voltage Tester

Main features...

* Wide frequency collection: 5Hz~40MHz wide frequency waveform collection, 15 grades frequency regulation, able to fulfill coil windings requirements

* Sample average value: 16 samples can be collected for standard waveform, and all is processed automatically which makes standard waveform more scientific

* Large impact energy: In defectiveless test range, able to be chosen large impact energy, strike arc is clearer when with low insulation.

* Low inductive test: Adopting special circuit for low Land Q inductor which is low to 100uH

* Automatic judgment: Corona value, area, area difference, phase difference can be set to make comparison, automatic judgment, voice and light alarming, voice volume can be adjusted

* Standard case: 3U standard case, easy to install to standard cabinet

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