Automatic Test System for Power Supplies

Main features...

* Compatible with various types: System uses Ainuo developed high-performance instruments with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for testing of various products, One model can be used for a variety of products: adapter/charger/power board, PDP/LCD Inverter/LIPS/LED.

* Parallel multiple tests: System uses multiple parallel architecture for test of 4/B-way and more charger/adapter, or 214-way multiple channel output switch power board, backlight power board, PC power in parallel.

* Unique high-speed mode: parallel transmit of communication commands based on optimized measurement/test performance, multiple machine synchronized parallel processing, fast test.

* Consistent and steady data: this system adopts precision Ainuo instrument, through strict consistency and stability test, to ensure stability of test data and consistency of multiple machine.

* Easy to learn and use: signal stability and humanization operation are considered for the tester used in the system; the test software features strong project edit, report edit and command edit, taking into account Chinese learn/operate habits, Chinese/English display.


Order information and extended functions...

* ANB061 (F): Adapter/charger ATS

* ANB063(F): LED Power Driver ATS

* ANB065(F): Power Module ATS

* ANB066(F): PV Module ATS

AC/DC Electroic Load

Main features...

* CE

* Power Capacity:1400W~8400W

* Working voltage is low to 2V, and up to 350Vrms

* Current range: 10Arms~60Arms, peak current: 45A~270A * Frequency range: 44~1000Hz, DC

* Peak factor:1.4~5.0000

* Adjustable power factor, setting range 0-1.0

* 3 units in parallel to realize 3 phase load

* Work mode: Constant current CC, constant resistance CR, constant power CP

 * Current shift: current shift can be adjusted under testing

* DC: Static loading, dynamic loading, 40 programming steps

* AC: Waveform simulation, sine, 3-15 harmonic, phase gate, crest factor

 * Upper lower limits adjustment, over limit alarming(GO/NG)

* Remote voltage detect sense port, used for precise measurement, eliminate wires voltage drop

 * Protection function: Over voltage, over current, over power, over heat, DC reversed polarity

* Measurement parameter: U, I, P, F and PF


Order information and extended functions...

* AN29201(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/10Al1400W

* AN29202(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/20Al2800W

* AN29203(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/30Al4200W

* AN29204(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/40Al5600W

* AN29205(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/50Al7000W

* AN29206(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/60Al8400W

 * RS485, GPIB optional

400Hz Aviation Groud Power Supplies



This 400Hz series aviation ground power unit is a new generation of outdoor type power unit to provide external 400Hz power supply for production inspection, repair and maintenance of civil and military aircrafts. This product adopts twelve-pulse rectifying high performance FPGA as the core processor, pure digital measurement and control technology, LCD screen display, novel and aappearance, reasonable structure design, high reliability, low distortion sinewave output, high stability, fast dynamic response, interlocked power supply for aircrafts, outdoor IP55 protection, wide operating temperature (-40-55'C), perfect EMC etc., a safe, reliable, efficient, clean high-level aviation ground power, suitable for airport and aircraft manufacturing, testing, maintenance and other applications.


The parallel aviation ground power system consists of two (or more) parallel aviation ground power units of same power capacity via systematic planning and development, so as to achieve parallel operation. This system is mainly used in airports, hangars and other occasions, to provide external 400Hz power for production inspection, repair and maintenance of civil and military aircraft. In addition, the quantity of running power units are adjusted automatically in real time based on the load capacity, to achieve intelligent management of parallel operation and energy-saving.


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