Power Analyzers

Multiple Channel Power Analyzer

Main features...

* Multiple channel: 1-6 channel measuring element configuration, flexibly configured as multi-channel single-phase, 3P3Wx2, 3P4Wx2, 4-phase (DC + 3P3W) and other models for measuring of various loads (air conditioners, inverters, frequency converters, motors);

* High precision: high-speed DSP processors, high-speed high-precision 16-bit AD converter, basic accuracy up to 0.1 %, up to 100ms display update cycle;

* Wide power: A single-channel can measure current up to 50A (optional20A, 10A, 5A, 2A, 1A and other specification, and support their combination), minimum power resolution of 0.1 mW, meet the requirements for standby power measurements and rated power measurement;

* Wide bandwidth: AC/DC signals, power measurement bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz-100kHz, suitable for measurement of various standard and non-standard sine load power;

* Multi harmonics: 6-channel harmonics analysis Simultaneously, measurement of up to 50th harmonics, distortion analysis, visual display of individual harmonic content and total contents;

* Multi frequency: 6-channel frequency measurement simultaneously;

* Line filter: 500Hz, 5.5kHz low-pass filter, measure the fundamental value of PWM waveform, filter out high frequency interference;

* Sensor: scaling function, support conventional I-IN-V type voltage/current transformer; BNC interface I-V current sensor, maximum input voltage of 10V, optional large-current sensor;

* Efficiency calculation: simultaneously measuring of I/O energy consumption, and calculate the efficiency;

* Cumulative energy: forward, reverse and integrated electric energy can be accumulated separately for energy trading measurement;

* Threshold alarms: independently setting of 10 groups of voltage, current, power, power factor and other thresholds for each channel, automatically determining of upperllower limits and alarm;

* Chinese/English interface: Chinese/English interface and time/date display,

Single Phase Power Meter

Main features...

* Beautiful appearance, compact dimensions, low weight;

 * Fast measurement speed, up to 200ms refresh rate;

* Voltage/current ratio can be set to expand measuring range;

* Sound & light alarm for voltage/current/power over limit, satisfy fast identification of defected products on production line;

* Minimum current measurement range is low to 0.1 mA, meet the test requirement of standby power consumption;

* Wide AC/DC range, suitable for various load;

* RS-232/RS-485 port to realize automatic testing and data transmission;

* Optional I/O prot to realize remote control signal input and alarm signal output.



* Parameter settings: voltage/current ratio, integral threshold current, electric energy accumulating time, voltage upperllower limit, current upper/lower limit, power upperllower limits, alarm delay time, address, baud rate, buzzer On/Off, calculation mode and other parameters can be set, and preset parameters will be memoried;

* Over limit alarm: sound & light alarm as certain parameter is out if the preset range, giving sound & light alarm signal

automatically and output the digital signal (optional);

* Switch of range: manual set to range, or power meter will automatically switch to a proper range under Auto range mode;

* Accumulating Time: electric energy accumulating time can be set;

* Energy accumulation: display the accumulated electric energy within the preset time;

  *Ratio settings: voltage/current ratios can be set based on the actual measurement and the ratio of primary and secondary of external transformer, easy expansion;

* Serial communication: test results can be collected via RS-232 or RS-485 (optional) on computer.


Three Phase Power Meter

Main features...

* 32-bits ARM microprocessor, 12-bits AD sampling, high measurement accuracy;

* Fast voltage/current sampling, calculate three-phase data within 0.9 seconds sampling period;

* Suitable to test 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire load. Under 3 phase 4 wire mode, it can be used as 3 independent units of

single phase meter;

* Switch energy unit, satisfy requirements for accumulating of electric energy for low-power load; * Voltage/current ratio, easy expansion;

* Power overlimit sound & light alarm.


Order and function extension...

* AN7931X(F)

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