DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supply

Main features...

* Work mode: CV, CC

* Use high frequency PWM and full-bridge convert technique to achieve high effect

* High power density design, standard case, wide application,

* LCD display, make operation simple and easily

* 10 setting and quick recall groups

* Perfect output stability. Source voltage effect < 0.2 %, Load effect < 0.3%, Temperature drifts <0.4 %, time varying drifts <0.3%

* Output line voltage drop compensation, ensure the voltage accuracy under big current

* Providing RS232(standard) ,GPIB(optional), suitable for remote control.

* Protect function: output short, output over current, output limit current, over heat, input under voltage, input phase lack protection.


Order information and extended functions..

* AN504XX(F): 35Voutput, 1.5kW/3kW/6kW/9kW/15kW/30kW

* AN505XX(F): 60V/BOV output, 1,5kW/3kW/6kW/9kW/15kW/30kW

* AN506XX(F): 120V/150Voutput, 1.5kW/3kW/6kW/9kW/15kW/30kW

* AN507XX(F): 330V output, 1.5kW/3kW/6kW/9kW/15kW/30kW

* AN508XX(F): 630V output, 15kW/30kW

Programmable DC Power Supply

Main features...

* High-power density, 3U standard chassis, power capacity up to 15kW

* Wide voltage output range 0-1000V, single unit power capacity range Skw-15kW

* 10 units combination up to 1 MW

* Fast transient response function

* High accuracy, adopts 16 bits AD, low ripple wave

* VFD display, flexible interface, Chinese/English operation

* Flexible and super List test function, 20 steps/list, SO lists in total

* Complete protection, reliable safety performance

* Analog control interface, able to control output independently through external analog interface of power supply

* Provide solar array I-V curve, simulate solar battery output character and different I-V curve under different temperature


Order information and extended functions...

* ANS100S-300(F): 300V/16A/5kW

* ANS1010-300(F): 300V/33A/10kW

* ANS101S-300(F): 300V/5OA/15kW

* ANS100S-600(F): 600V/8A/5kW

* ANS1010-600(F): 600V/17A/10kW

* ANS101S-600(F): 600V/25A/15kW

* ANS100S-1000(F): 1000V/5A/5kW

* ANS1010-1000(F): 1000V/10A/10kW

* ANS101S-1000(F): 1000V/15A/15kW

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