We provide test and measurement solutions with the 40 years experience and training in 10 different countries.
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When you have a requirement for test and measurement equiment, we are able to supply you with products to purchase and now units to rent as well. These products are catagorised as followed.


1. Electrical Safety Comprehensive Testers

2. Precision Electrical Safety Analyzers

3. Rapid Safety Testers

4. Safety Tester Calibrators

5. AC Power Supplies

6. DC Power Supplies

7. Power Analyzers

8. Motor-Stator Testers

9. Other


If you wish to find out more about our services or our range of products, venture further on this site, or sent us a message and we try to will assist you as best we can.

AC Power Supply


* 0.5kVA, Variable output voltage 0-300V 


* Variable output frequency 45-65 Hz

Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer


* ACW 0-5kV, DCW 0-6kV, IR and Ground bond tests 


* 50 memory of 8 steps each


* Front panel software calibration 


* Comprehensive test station